loco taco


  • 849 Forest Ave, Portland, Maine, United States
This kitchen is inspired by an old gentleman from Mexico "Papa Alfonso Gonzales". The summer of 2020 was hot on both levels, Pandemic wise and weather wise, we had to make our way to Mexico, but we found ourselves eating great Mexican meal at a humble home on the border of Mexico, after we stopped to take a breath in Legacy Park at El Centro California, we noticed an old man waving to us and calling Pedro! Pedro! ,we  approached and asked him if he needs any help but he didnt speak English well , We called our friend on the phone who speaks Spanish fluently and they we helped the old man to get in touch with his son Pedro! , We got invited to Papa Alfonso's house and even spent the night with that awesome family, We all chatted about the food witch was the main topic since it was a common international language that everyone can speak around that small table in the kitchen, Papa Alfonso hoped if everyone can taste the old authentic Mexican food, he was a talented chef who used to sell street tacos for many years and he still has the ability to cook real yummy food, We promised him to make that even more enjoyable by making the taco global concept not only a Mexican dish, merging the cultures through mixing ingredients and mixing spices from all over the world to make wide spectrum of flavors for the Tacos and other Mex dishes, and it's happening today, We are sure our great customers will be in love with these new recipes .